Google Scam Artists

July 23, 2006

What is it with the Google brown nosers these days? Whenever I speak my mind, my posts are deleted on forums, so I’ve decided to go to a blog.Google is simply screwing Adwords users with one goal in mind; to line their wallets even more.

Its a great plot, Google could claim they are upping their minimum bids because of landing page content quality, or their “Quality Score”.

OK, fine, if they want to do this then it will even out, because the Adsense owners should be seeing increased click earnings. Wrong! Everyone I’ve discussed this with, has been seeing declines or stability in their earnings.

What is Google doing with their price increases? I think they are pocketing the extra money that the Adsense users, who most of user AdWords as well, deserve.

In my mind the Adsense users should be benefitting from the price increases, why aren’t they?

Also, I love how hypocritic Google is. They ban AdSense middlemen for “Lack of Quality Content”, but now Google has partnered with Godaddy to display Adwords ads on unused domains.


One Response to “Google Scam Artists”

  1. KJones Says:

    The people you’ve talked to about not seeing an increase is just a coincidence. The people Ive spoken with have said just the oposite. so maybe you havent talked to the right audience about this topic. i dont know!
    However!! You are entitled to your opinion and freedom of speech, but if google is adver on a forum, i think maybe the forums cant have google bashing content. I dunno. GOOD FOR YOU, that you’ve decided to blog about this.
    I disagree that google is lining their pockets. I do believe they are rotating the money to create new services. I do love google but was pissed off at them installing an update to my browser bar. I am addicted to my google browser #3 and prefer it. I had to spend about two hours the other day researching on why i was getting updated.
    so anyway. good luck in all you do!

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