A couple free advertising tips….

July 23, 2006

As I stated in my previous post, I hate running PPC campaigns. Never the less, I run them anyways, but do I actually pay google or yahoo to run these campaigns? NO, I haven’t payed a dime to advertise on google or yahoo.

Here is how…

I like to buy domain names, put some general content up there with my adsense and be done with it. I try to buy a new domain name a week, at the least. When I do this I buy from www.web.com. Why?

They have great customer support and up time reputation. They offer FREE Domain Registration with a purchase, and $25 worth of AdWords and $25 worth of Yahoo advertising per sign up ($9.95 a month) or $50 worth of adwords and $50 worth of Yahoo Advertising for $19.95/month.

So basically, for $9.95 I buy a months hosting, get my $50 worth of advertising benefits and my domain name for FREE.

Now I throw up some content with my Adsense adds, and make $10 + per month until I decide to do something with it. That basically gives me Free Web Hosting, Free Advertising, and a Free Domain and Profit if my adwords make over $10 within each month.

I’ve thought about going with a single dedicated server, but I’ve decided not to at the moment. I want my domains to have seperate IP’s, I want the free domain names, and the free adwords.

This is just a tip for all you beginners.

Eventually I will go to a dedicated though, when I get enough domains. Why should I pay more then $125/month for all my domain names, that would require for me to take $10.00 month out of my earnings, and loose profits, when all it would take is maybe $2.00 month each to pay the dedicated server. But, I think you can buy a months hosting for $9.95, take the free advertising and domain, cancel after the month’s end and transfer the domain name to your dedicated server.

Another tip is to buy pre-paid Visa cards, you can probably get them at the local mall. Find free advertising trials, purchase them until the trial is over and get your free advertising for that period. That way if you forget to cancel the service, they don’t bill your real credit card. There are some sites online that offer free sponsorship advertising trials.


60 Responses to “A couple free advertising tips….”

  1. KJones Says:

    Wow, those are some really helpful tips!
    thank you for that information.
    I’m so broke and just starting out in trying to be my own boss that I dont have the resources to get my own web campains going just yet. But I WILL keep in mind this useful advertising hint page. thanks!
    i checked out your webcom and they do have a nice thing going. there are a couple similar to this ive seen recently and hoping to take full advantage as soon as i get out of this training mode. 🙂

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    Some good tips. Adsense helps pay for your site’s costs plus some.

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